Fast Food Blubber Busters Display

ITEM: 26127


Create a clear link between excess calorie intake from high-fat fast food and unhealthy weight gain. This display features eight models of popular fast foods made of squishy, fatlike BIOLIKE 2™. Comes with a 51-cm x 39-cm display mat that provides the calorie and fat content of each food. Perfect for health fairs, cafeterias, and nutrition lessons.


Help your group make the connection between high-calorie, high-fat fast foods and excess body weight. Made of squishy BIOLIKE 2™, these models represent eight popular fast foods, including a cheeseburger, fast food fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, egg and sausage biscuit, hot dog, and breakfast burrito. Comes with a display mat that features the calorie and fat content of each food and measures 51 cm x 39 cm.