Health Trailer

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HEALTH EDCO Health Trailers are a fantastic way to provide NHS Health Checks and deliver health education to your community. From smoking cessation, to drug and alcohol awareness, to healthy eating—whatever your health message is, we offer a range of Health Trailer options to efficiently and creatively deliver that message to your audience.

Add an entertaining element to Health & Safety/School Well-Being Days with engaging Health Event Trailers containing drink-driving simulators! Whilst wearing our Health Edco Drunk & Dangerous™ Glasses or D.W.eyes™ Goggles, participants who use the simulators will experience the startling realities of drink-driving and alcohol intoxication in a fun but educational way. Trained staff can also provide insight into the dangers of mobile phone use whilst driving a vehicle. Driving awareness can be tested by performing hazard perception tests on the included LED monitors, which can be operated inside or outside the mobile exhibition unit.

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Health Trailers are available for a single day, week, month, year, or more. Our pricing includes delivery and pick up, two Health Trailer banners to attract attention to your trailer, and free use of our leaflet racks, tables, and chairs.

To help you entice the public into your Health Trailer, we will also include more than £1,000 worth of our most popular HEALTH EDCO products at no extra charge. Topics include smoking cessation, men's health, women's health, alcohol, drug awareness, healthy eating, and much more.

For more details about our many Health Trailer options, please contact Customer Service at 0845.180.0505.