How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy Virtual Educational Resource

ITEM: 52618V


This digital version of our English/Spanish How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy Tear Pad provides practical tips for how a father-to-be can support his partner throughout her pregnancy. Emphasises learning as much as possible about pregnancy and birth, attending antenatal visits, taking the initiative on errands and household chores, promoting healthy habits, and providing love and encouragement. A great resource for childbirth classes, parenting classes, and more. Content comes on a thumb drive and is perfect for online instruction or for projecting from a laptop in classroom settings.


Provide expectant dads with practical ways they can support their pregnant partners to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. This virtual, digital version of our How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy Tear Pad helps fathers-to-be understand their important role during pregnancy. Encourages fathers to be present and share in the pregnancy as much as possible, including learning all they can about foetal development and the physical changes of pregnancy, participating in antenatal visits, promoting healthy habits, taking on more errands and household chores, and more. Content is in English and Spanish, comes on a convenient thumb drive, and is ideal for online instruction or for projecting from a laptop during classroom teaching.

Please note: This virtual educational resource is for digital use only and may not be printed, changed, or copied. For our complete virtual educational resources guidelines for use, click here.