Didactic Skull Model Kit

ITEM: 54406


Provide a detailed study of the human skull with this kit (13 cm x 22 cm x 15 cm) that disassembles into 22 individual bones. Bones are colour-coded so that they are easy to distinguish. Each pair of bone plates has the same colour.


Made from a natural cast, this model facilitates understanding of the complex structure of the skull because it can be disassembled into 22 individual bones. Bones and bone pairs are colour-coded to make identification easier. Bones attach with an internal pin system that does not affect the natural anatomy. A great teaching tool. 13 cm x 22 cm x 15 cm.

Individual bones in the skull model include:

  • Parietal bone (left and right)
  • Occipital bone
  • Frontal bone
  • Temporal bone (left and right)
  • Sphenoid bone
  • Ethmoid bone
  • Vomer bone
  • Zygomatic bone (left and right)
  • Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth (left and right)
  • Palatine bone (left and right)
  • Nasal concha (left and right)
  • Lacrimal bone (left and right)
  • Nasal bone (left and right)
  • Lower jaw (mandible) with teeth