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Anatomy Chart: The Heart

ITEM: 70506


With accurate details and labelling, this laminated chart (51 cm x 66 cm) features a large illustration of the heart sitting on the diaphragm with the suggestion of the lungs and ribs behind it. Additional illustrations provide anterior and posterior views, detail of a section of the heart wall, and more. Printed on heavy paper stock. Great for patient and student education.


Finely detailed and labelled, this chart displays a large central illustration of the heart with cutaways on the anterior wall showing the interior structures. Surrounding images detail:

  • Anterior view
  • Posterior view
  • Detail of a section of the heart wall
  • Heart valves
  • Coronary arteries
  • Thorax depicting the location of the heart

Also includes diagrams and definitions of the cardiac cycle, A-V valves of the heart, blood pressure, and cardiac conduction. Printed on heavy paper stock and laminated. 51 cm x 66 cm.