Anatomy Chart: Anatomy of the Brain

ITEM: 71096


Bring brain anatomy to life with this beautiful laminated chart (51 cm x 66 cm). Features vivid colours with clearly labelled illustrations that detail the brain’s anatomical structures. Printed on heavy paper stock. Great for patient and student education.


Finely detailed and labelled, this beautiful chart is a great teaching tool for presenting the complex anatomy of the brain. A large, central image shows the brain’s major structures, cerebral hemispheres, and key cranial nerves. Additional images with labels depict:

  • Arteries of the brain (base and right side views)
  • Venous sinuses
  • Lobes of the brain
  • Cross section of meninges and venous sinuses
  • Typical nerve and glial cells
  • Circulation of cerebrospinal fluid

Durable and high-quality chart is printed on heavy paper stock and laminated. 51 cm x 66 cm.