Mr. Gross Mouth™

ITEM: 79152


Open wide and say, “Yuck”! A customer favourite that says a mouthful! Our popular, life-size model provides a uniquely impactful way to demonstrate the havoc wreaked by smokeless tobacco use. Model depicts cancer of the upper palate, tongue, mouth, and gums; inflammation and recession of the gums; cavities; and tooth loss.


Best Seller!

Open wide and say, “Yuck”! This customer favourite says a mouthful! Life-size replica of the teeth, tongue, and gums features lifelike detail of the disgusting oral damage done by smokeless tobacco. The handpainted, realistic, hinged model comes mounted on a wooden display base and includes a jar of tobacco to create tobacco juice. 15 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm. Carrying case (Item #79161) also available.