Face The Facts Smoking Is Ugly Display

ITEM: 79200


Award Winner!

Reveal the truth about how smoking can dramatically affect your appearance. When the outer face model is peeled off this display (36 cm x 52 cm), viewers discover the wrinkles, pale grey skin, hollow cheeks, and skin cancer that can be caused by smoking. Easy-to-read text highlights other negative cosmetic effects. A great way to deter smoking among young people or to promote smoking cessation.


Award Winner!

Young people who won’t listen to warnings about the health consequences of smoking will often respond to a demonstration of how smoking can damage their appearance. This interactive 3-D display dramatically reveals the cosmetic effects of smoking—including wrinkles, pale grey skin, hollow cheeks, and skin cancer—when a viewer peels off the outer face model. Text and illustrations highlight other harmful effects, such as yellow teeth, stained fingernails, and psoriasis. 36 cm x 52 cm.