The Consequences of Secondhand Smoke 3D Display

ITEM: 79605


Dispel the dangerous myth that smoking is harmful only to smokers. This 3-D display features eight models that detail the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. From lung and nasal and sinus cancer to COPD, cardiovascular disease, and sudden infant death syndrome, this display makes it clear that secondhand smoke is everyone’s problem. Perfect for smoking cessation programmes and health fairs.


The eight handpainted, permanently affixed models on this display quickly snuff out any notion that secondhand smoke is harmless. Lifelike representations of a heart attack, emphysema, and nasal and sinus cancer reveal that when smokers light up, everyone around them is affected by the more than 7,000 chemicals and approximately 70 carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Comes in a self-contained carrying case. 71 cm x 69 cm opened.