Big Trouble in a Smoker's Lung 3-D Display

ITEM: 79670


Tobacco use is a huge problem, magnified by the massive size of this 3-D lung model. The display (57 cm x 66 cm) features easy-to-read text that points out the damage created by tobacco smoke: ruptured air sacs, heavy phlegm production, and lung cancer. A great resource for anti-tobacco lessons and smoking cessation programmes.


It’s hard for people to deny that smoking is a huge problem when they’re confronted with this giant, diseased lung. The 3-D model features graphic representations of malignant tumours, air sacs obliterated by emphysema, and airway-obstructing mucus. Viewers can actually feel the dying lung’s ravaged surface, providing a powerful message to deter tobacco use. 57 cm x 66 cm.