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What's in Your Drink? Chart

ITEM: 90113


What’s in your drink? Comparing the nutritional values of a variety of beverages, this laminated chart (46 cm x 61 cm) reminds viewers to think about the liquids they consume. Great for discussing calorie content, added sugars, and making the most out of your beverage selections.


Beverages are a major calorie source in many people’s diets. This chart asks viewers to compare the Nutrition Facts of a variety of popular beverages, including diet cola, bottled water, 100% orange juice, reduced-fat milk, cola, a sports drink, a blended juice drink, and whole chocolate milk. Perfect for discussing liquid calorie intake, added sugars, the differences between whole and reduced-fat milk, and considering nutritional value with calorie intake. Great for cafeterias, classrooms, and more. Laminated. 46 cm x 61 cm.