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Our New Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display!

An increase in the number of prescriptions for opioid painkillers in the UK is raising an inevitable question: Will the UK face an opioid crisis like the epidemic in the US, where more than 115 people die each day of an opioid overdose? Opioid misuse and abuse in the US have wreaked havoc on communities and families throughout the country, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction, including lost loved ones, grandparents raising orphaned grandchildren, and newborns suffering from the painful effects of opioid withdrawal.

Clearly, drug education in the UK is essential to raise awareness about the risks and hazards of opioids and how easily their misuse can lead to overdose and death. Education is key to preventing a UK opioid epidemic.

For years, Health Edco has been at the forefront of creating innovative drug education materials. Many of our best-selling and most popular drug education products (including our Drug Identification Guide, Drug Education Guide, Substance Abuse Identification Kit, and Drug Awareness Guide Display) cover opioid painkillers as among the most prominent drugs of abuse.

Now, to shine a spotlight on the dangers of opioid abuse, we’d like to introduce our NEWEffects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display. Our new folding display is an ideal resource for health fairs, classrooms, public health events, community centres, and more—anywhere to provide the much-needed health education that can help prevent the UK from having its own opioid epidemic.

Our new Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display
is an ideal resource to educate about the dangers of opioid abuse.

Designed with eye-catching graphics, our opioids education folding display uses easy-to-understand text to cover the essential facts about what opioids are, how opioid addiction develops, and how quickly misusing opioids can turn into opioid overdose and death.

Topics covered in our new Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display:

  • What are opioids?

  • How do opioids work?

  • How are prescription opioids misused?

  • Possible short-term effects

  • Opioid addiction

  • Prescription opioids and heroin

  • Risks of injecting opioids

  • Opioids and pregnancy (including neonatal abstinence syndrome)

  • Opioid overdose

  • Getting help for an opioid problem

The display emphasises that an opioid overdose can occur even with short-term opioid use and as well as the critical importance of seeking treatment for an opioid problem.

To learn more about our new Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display and to place your order, please visit our Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display product page.