Learn the Importance of Mammography Display

ITEM: 51200


The handpainted, 3-D breast models on this display (43 cm x 28 cm) feature the anatomy of three different breast conditions. Breasts with fibrocystic changes, a fibroadenoma, and a malignant tumour are depicted, reinforcing the importance of breast exams and mammography. Great for raising awareness about the early detection of breast cancer.


Giving an inside view to emphasise why breast exams and mammograms are important tools in the early detection of breast cancer, the 3-D models on this tabletop display depict a breast with fibrocystic changes, a breast with a fibroadenoma, and a breast with a malignant tumour. Great for breast self-awareness education. Includes built-in easel for tabletop display. 43 cm x 28 cm.