Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set (8), English/Spanish

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Reassure and educate breastfeeding mothers with important take-home information. Updated with engaging, full-colour photos, each tear pad in this set of eight covers an essential breastfeeding topic, is English on one side and Spanish on the other, and has 100 sheets per pad.



Provide essential information for breastfeeding mothers with these two-sided, bilingual tear sheets. Each title has been updated to include colour photos. Easy-to-understand text is English on one side and Spanish on the other. Set of eight includes one pad of each topic. 100 sheets per pad. Titles include:

  • Waking a Sleeping Baby
  • How to Tell Whether Your Baby Is Hungry
  • How Breastfeeding Works
  • Getting Ready to Breastfeed
  • Positions for Breastfeeding
  • Starting a Feeding
  • Is My Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk?
  • Facts About Colostrum

Handouts are the perfect take-home information for lactation education.