Men's Breast Cancer Awareness Model

ITEM: 26470


This simple, anatomically correct model allows healthcare professionals to have meaningful discussions about male breast cancer with their patients and provides a great way to demonstrate male breast self-exam. Features two palpable lumps concealed between a soft BIOLIKE 2™ outer skin layer and a rigid underlying layer of muscle. Comes with carrying case.


Many men are unaware that they can develop breast cancer. With two palpable lumps, this unique model helps educate men about the importance of detecting lumps early. The model’s outer layer, made of soft BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, simulates the feel of male breast tissue, and a rigid, underlying layer of simulated muscle adds realism to the model. Ideal for teaching men about self-exams and warning signs of breast cancer. Comes with carrying case. 15 cm x 6 cm x 15 cm.