Deluxe Occluded Artery Model

ITEM: 79153


Award Winner!

A Health Edco classic, this best-selling model provides an easy-to-understand visual of how plaque buildup harms cardiovascular health by comparing a healthy artery to one that is clogged with thick, yellow plaque. Turning the display over demonstrates how easily blood cells travel through the clean artery, while those in the clogged artery get stuck in cholesterol buildup, leading to a heart attack or stroke.


Award Winner!

Responsible for changing the way thousands of people think about cardiovascular health, this time-tested Health Edco classic magnifies the differences between a healthy artery and one that is clogged with sticky yellow plaque. Flip the display over and watch as blood cells zip through the clean artery in a couple of seconds, while those in the atherosclerotic artery sluggishly wind their way through a jagged maze of cholesterol buildup—and stop—capturing the exact moment a heart attack or stroke occurs. 18 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm.