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Diabetes Education Package

ITEM: 79370


Use some of our best diabetes education products to present an engaging, informative presentation. Package includes dynamic visuals, take-home booklets, a lifelike model of a diabetic foot, and a detailed facilitator’s guide that includes worksheets and assessment tools. Perfect for promoting diabetes management and prevention.


A dynamic presentation about diabetes prevention, detection, and management is made easy with this comprehensive educational package. Participants are provided with factual information about diabetes as well as opportunities to relate the information to their own lives.


  • What You Need to Know About Diabetes folding display (item #79302), which provides a general overview
  • Understanding Type 2 Diabetes chart, which gives a quick overview of how type 2 diabetes affects the body
  • 50 Diabetes booklets (item #40065), which help participants understand essential points
  • Diabetic Foot Model (item #26101), which emphasises the importance of self-care
  • Detailed, four-part facilitator’s guide, which contains a presentation script, worksheets, quizzes, and enrichment activities

The programme can be tailored to fit a variety of time formats and age groups from secondary school through adult.