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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in health education resources, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Health Edco, we are constantly creating new, innovative health education materials to help you reach your audience with your important health messages. At the same time, we are continuously reviewing and updating our classic health education products that you have come to know and trust. Whether you are looking for a unique, 3-D model or an attention-grabbing display on an essential health topic, Health Edco has you covered!

Click the links below to learn more about our featured new and updated health education products and materials that bring health education to life! Check back often to see what’s new at Health Edco.

Our Updated Drug Education Wheel of Misfortune™

One of our most popular drug education activities, our colourful Wheel of Misfortune has been updated with a new look and additional questions about tobacco and opioid drugs. The wheel includes an activity guide with one set of questions for ages 6–10 and another set of questions for ages 11–17. Find out more about this updated, best-selling resource!

Our New How Fathers Can Support the Postpartum Mom Tear Pad

Great for new fathers, our new Childbirth Graphics fatherhood education tear pad offers dads tips and strategies they can use to support their partner during the postpartum period of recovery and adjustment. From making Mum a special priority to tackling baby care and more, this reassuring leaflet helps fathers understand their important postpartum role while encouraging them to take care of themselves, too.

Our New How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy Tear Pad

When expectant fathers support their partners during pregnancy, the whole family benefits! Designed for dads-to-be, Childbirth Graphics’ colourful new tear pad highlights strategies to help expectant fathers support their partners throughout pregnancy. With useful tips for dads-to-be, this tear pad is a great educational leaflet for expectant fathers in antenatal classes, fatherhood preparation groups, and more.

Our New Mini A1C™ Diabetes Education Model Set

Fit diabetes education in your pocket with this convenient, pocket-size model set, which is perfect to explain the A1C test and its important role in diabetes management. Learn more about this interactive, portable set designed for diabetes education on the go!

Our New Anatomy of an Opioid Abuser 3-D Display

Raise awareness and provide the facts about opioid abuse with our engaging, new Anatomy of an Opioid Abuser 3-D Display. The framed display features beautifully painted organ models, bold graphics, and descriptive text to reveal the physical damage and often fatal consequences of opioid abuse.

Our New Diverse Foetal Models and Childbirth Education Model Sets

You asked for them, and we delivered! Childbirth Graphics is now offering our educational Foetal Models in brown, dark brown, and beige skin tones. Foetal Models are available individually, or save when you buy the Foetal Model of your choice as part of one of our diverse, must-have childbirth education model sets!

Our New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

Our new Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model features enhanced durability and an ultra-realistic feel to promote breast self-awareness and teach breast self-examination. Learn more about this latest addition to our women’s health education products that raise breast cancer awareness.

Our New Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display

Take a look at our new Effects & Hazards of Opioids Folding Display! Our new drug education folding display uses eye-catching graphics and easy-to-understand text to explain what opioids are, why they are highly addictive, and how their abuse poses a serious risk of overdose and death.

Our Updated Effects & Hazards of Marijuana Folding Display

Learn more about our updated marijuana education folding display, which features new, attention-grabbing graphics and fresh content that provide an overview of marijuana and the potential risks of marijuana use.

Our Updated HIV/AIDS Flip Chart

Medical advances have changed the outlook for HIV and AIDS, but the need to take precautions against HIV infection remains. Our updated flip chart uses eye-catching graphics and clear content to provide a detailed overview of HIV, AIDS, and how to avoid HIV infection.

Our Updated Learn the Importance of Mammography Display

A new take on a Health Edco classic, our 3-D breast health display uses three lifelike breast models to reveal the important role mammography and breast exams play in detecting breast cancer.