Cloth Breast Model, Beige

ITEM: 79811


Best Seller!

A must-have for childbirth and lactation education classes on how the breast works during breastfeeding! Two beads anchored within this breast model simulate a plugged duct and breast lump. Foam insert allows the model to look and feel like an engorged breast. Hand-sewn, high quality cloth ensures that the model can be used repeatedly, while the elastic strap on the back makes it easy to handle. Includes teaching ideas and instructions.


Best Seller!

Discover the multiple ways to demonstrate breastfeeding techniques and breast care with this innovative model. Two beads within the model simulate a plugged duct and a breast lump, and a foam insert closely simulates the look and feel of an engorged breast. Includes teaching ideas and instructions. 14-cm diameter.

Use the model to demonstrate:

  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Correct breast support
  • Correct mouth position
  • Manual expression
  • Breast massage
  • Relief for sore nipples
  • Taking a baby off the breast
  • Engorged and plugged ducts
  • Breast self-examination

Use with our Breastfeeding Hand Puppet (Item #85008), which is available separately or as a set with the Cloth Breast Model (item #75320), to demonstrate proper/improper latch, correct tongue positioning, lip flange, and much more.