Foetal Model, Beige

ITEM: 79814


A great childbirth teaching tool, our Foetal Model represents a full-term baby with beige skin tone. Made of soft beige cloth, the body flexes to show all presentations and positions, and the plastic head features palpable anterior and posterior fontanelles. An essential childbirth education resource, our Fetal Model is also available in brown and dark brown skin tones.


A must-have for childbirth educators, our Foetal Model is perfect for use with our pelvis models, our Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, and our Perineal Cloth Model to create comprehensive lessons in the process of labour and birth. Made of soft, durable beige cloth, the model represents an average-sized, full-term baby. The body flexes to demonstrate all presentations and positions, and the anterior and posterior fontanelles are palpable on the plastic head. To facilitate demonstrations, snaps allow the hands to be secured and enable the attachment of the Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, which is sold separately. Also available in brown and dark brown skin tones, the Foetal Model is 48 cm long.