Life Or Death Lungs™ Model Set

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Provide a hands-on lesson in the importance of being smoke-free. This set of two soft, lifelike, BIOLIKE 2™ lung models shows the amazing difference between a healthy, nonsmoker’s lung and a scarred, tumour-ridden smoker’s lung with blistered air sacs decimated by cancer and emphysema.


Best Seller!

Invite your group to feel for themselves why smoking literally takes your breath away. Made of soft BIOLIKE 2™ synthetic tissue, this set of lungs is a pair of polar opposites: The healthy lung is soft, smooth, and pink, while the smoker’s lung is scarred, filled with blistered air sacs, and riddled with tumours as a result of years of exposure to tobacco smoke. Perfect for inspiring a tobacco-free lifestyle. Comes with carrying case for convenient transport and storage. Models are 22 cm tall.