Lou-Wheeze Smoker's Lungs Comparison Model

ITEM: 79261


Demonstrate the incredible difference it makes to live a tobacco-free lifestyle with this affordable, latex comparison model. When the included bellows pump inflates the lungs, Lou-Wheeze’s clean, pink lung easily deflates, but her black lung, damaged by emphysema and cancer, struggles to expel air even before the next simulated breath. A great demonstration model to convey how smoking can literally take your breath away.

*This model contains latex.


Although one of Lou-Wheeze’s lungs is smooth and pink—a shining example of tobacco-free living—the other one, which has been destroyed by emphysema and cancer, looks more like melted plastic than human tissue. These two latex models illustrate their differences in appearance and function with no mess and minimal setup. As the bellows pump inflates the lungs, the healthy one deflates easily while the diseased one struggles to expel its air before the next simulated breath. Viewers quickly get a sense of the smothering feeling sufferers of emphysema experience as they are unable to inhale fresh air because their lungs are overinflated. Carrying case available separately. 43 cm x 60 cm.

*This model contains latex.