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Compact Contraception Demo Kit

ITEM: 84000


Made in UK!

Knowledge is the key to pregnancy prevention, and this kit helps young people understand the range of contraception methods for the prevention of pregnancy, including condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs, as well as other options for birth control. The kit features facsimile items for contraception—such as a facsimile model of a contraceptive implant, demonstration diaphragm model, and vaginal ring placebo—and laminated picture cards. Perfect for group or one-on-one instruction. Kit and its items are for educational use only. Age 11–Adult.


Made in UK!

Offering a safe, simple way to demonstrate contraceptive methods, this kit is ideal for familiarising young people with various options for preventing pregnancy, such as birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, hormonal implants and rings, and more. Features facsimile contraceptive items and cards. Age 11–Adult.

Contents of the kit include:

  • Contraceptive Pills (laminated picture)
  • Contraceptive Implant Demonstration Model
  • Male Condoms (3)
  • Demonstration Diaphragm Model
  • Methods of Contraception Tear Pad
  • Contraceptive Injection (Laminated Picture)
  • Contraceptive Patch Sticker (3)
  • Vaginal Ring Placebo
  • IUS/IUD Plastic Model and Mini Booklet
  • Lubricant Sachet (2)
  • Female Condom (2)
  • Emergency Pill (Laminated Picture)
  • Skyn Latex-Free Condom

*Note: This kit and its contraceptive items are for educational use only, not for use as actual contraceptive devices.