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UV Flashlight (batteries included)

ITEM: 78645


Use this UV flashlight (batteries included) with several of our most popular products to shine a light on the importance of proper condom usage, proper hand-washing techniques, and more.


UV Flashlight (batteries included) can be purchased separately for use with the following items:

  • Health Edco Germ Powder (Item #79705)
  • Sex Under the Influence Awareness Kit (Item #75080)
  • Deluxe Condom Training Models (Items #26403 and #26402)
  • Economy Condom Training Model (Item #27006)

Flashlight is included in the following items:

  • Bag of Germs Set (Item #79785)
  • Health Edco Germ Powder and UV Light Kit (Item #79760)
  • Plaque Hunter Demonstration Model (Item #78953)