Power Down Energy Drinks Display

ITEM: 78818


Use this attention-grabbing display to awaken consumers to the harsh realities of energy drinks. With satirical drink titles, these five models of faux energy drinks give viewers some eye-opening facts about popular energy drink beverages: Energy drinks can cause weight gain, rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness, and other serious health problems. The back of each model contains information on the consequences of energy drink overconsumption as well as the extra dangers of mixing energy drinks with alcohol. A perfect resource for schools and health education professionals for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education.


The eye-catching models of energy drinks in this display make a powerful educational point: Just because energy drinks are popular doesn’t mean they’re good for you, and they can actually be harmful. The five energy drink models—with drink titles such as Heavy Hitter, Black Hole, Burnout, Crash, and Fizzled—feature informational labels explaining that overconsumption of energy drinks can cause weight gain, headaches, nervousness, hallucinations, seizures, heart problems, and more. Also covers the dangers of mixing energy drinks and alcohol. An innovative, engaging way to explain the hard health facts about energy drinks to consumers.