Fizzics Of Soda Display

ITEM: 79296


As this fun, attention-grabbing display reveals, you could gain 2 lb (almost 1 kg) in just one month simply by drinking two 12-oz (355 mL) sugary colas a day in excess of your daily calorie needs. Display features a blubbery, BIOLIKE 2™ cola bottle representing 2 lb (almost 1 kg) of body fat and a 5 lb (2.3 kg) bag of sugar representing all the sugar consumed from just two daily colas each day for one month. An impactful addition to any nutrition lesson!


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More than 2 lb (almost 1 kg) of body fat ... that’s what you could gain in one month from two 355-mL sugary colas a day. Even harder to swallow is the idea that you’d also gulp almost 19 litres of cola and consume 5 lb (2.3 kg) of sugar, illustrated here by a sugar bag and fat model. The mammoth-size cola can turns heads, ultimately turning viewers toward a life of fewer fizzy drinks. Can measures 27 cm x 41 cm.