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Eatwell Faux Foods Package (46)

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Teaching about the different food groups in the Eatwell Guide is easy with this comprehensive set of 46 foods. Models include fruit and vegetables; starchy carbohydrates; oils and spreads; dairy and alternatives, and proteins. Also includes examples of fluids, as well as foods to eat less often and in small amounts. Food cards with nutrition information are included for each food.


Use this set of 46 faux foods to teach how to use the Eatwell Guide to create healthy meals. Features foods from each of the food groups, including:

  • Fruit & Vegetables: grapes, apple, cantaloupe, watermelon, banana, peaches, applesauce, broccoli, French beans, corn on the cob, carrots, tossed salad, peas, avocado, cauliflower

  • Potatoes, Bread, Rice, Pasta & Other Starchy Carbohydrates: oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice, whole-wheat spaghetti noodles, rye bread, flour tortilla, corn tortilla, pretzel sticks, Graham crackers

  • Dairy & Alternatives: skimmed milk (also counts as a fluid), cheese cubes, strawberry Greek yoghurt, processed chess, Swiss cheese

  • Beans, Pulses, Fish, Eggs, Meat & Other Proteins: grilled chicken breast, turkey slice, salmon, pinto beans, pork chop, peanuts, hamburger patty, ham slice, hard-boiled egg

  • Oils & Spreads: margarine

  • Foods High in Fat, Salt, & Sugars: vanilla ice cream, brownie, chocolate bar, cola

  • Hydration: orange juice, grape/cranberry juice, tomato juice (150 ml of fruit juice or smoothie counts as a maximum of one portion of fruit and veg a day)

A great way to help educate audiences about the variety of foods in the Eatwell Guide. Food cards with nutrition information are included for each food.