Medicine Cabinet or Candy Box? Display

ITEM: 79253


Small, round, and brightly coloured—to a child it’s an inviting little treat. But it could mean a trip to A&E. Fashioned after a medicine cabinet with a door that opens and closes, this display features 28 models of lookalike sweets and medicines. Excellent for teaching children that some things that look good to eat are harmful and to reinforce the importance of childproofing in the home.


Created to look like a medicine cabinet, this 3-D display opens to reveal permanently sealed, look-alike medicine and sweets facsimiles. For use on a wall or tabletop, the cabinet has a door that opens and closes, underscoring the idea that medicines should be kept in a closed cabinet away from children and reinforcing the importance of childproofing. 30 cm x 41 cm closed.