Your New Body: Girls Folding Display

ITEM: 79329


Great for health lessons, school clinics, paediatric clinics, and more, this folding display provides girls with information to help them understand the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Covers changes in feelings and emotions, maturation of the reproductive system, making wise choices, and more. A reassuring resource to explain what happens during puberty.


Written directly to girls, this folding display answers sensitive questions about the physical and emotional changes girls experience as they become young women. With sensitivity and reassurance, the folding display explains what puberty is, why it happens, changes in feelings and emotions, the importance of internet and social media safety, maturation of the female reproductive system, and making healthy choices, such as avoiding alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes. Also discusses having a positive self-image and getting along with parents and other adults. 147 cm x 57 cm opened.