Smoking Cessation Package

ITEM: 79951


Great for any smoking cessation programme, this package features five of our most popular smoking cessation products. The Quit Smoking for Life folding display and 16-page booklet provide helpful strategies for quitting smoking. The Benefits of Quitting Smoking tear pad and Giant Cigarette Action display cover the health benefits of quitting that start within minutes of your last cigarette and continue for years. Each Hourglass Cigarette contains an hourglass that takes about 40 seconds to run out. An imprint on each cigarette explains that this amount of time is how much life an average smoker loses with every single puff. A wonderful, comprehensive package with great displays and reinforcing take-home materials.


Add to your existing smoking cessation programme or start your own using these great materials that include informative displays and reinforcing handouts. Package includes:

  • Giant Cigarette Action display (Item #79109)

  • Quit Smoking for Life folding display (79030)

  • 50 Quit Smoking for Life booklets (Item #40077)

  • 100-sheet Benefits of Quitting Smoking tear pad (Item #52502)

  • Hourglass Cigarettes (10)