Benefits of Not Smoking 3-D Display

ITEM: 79032


Show everyone four great benefits of not smoking with this interactive, 62-cm x 30-cm x 8-cm display, which makes a great tabletop display or can be mounted on a wall. Each swivelling panel includes a healthy organ on one side and the same organ damaged by smoking on the other side. Both sides include informative text. Perfect to inspire young people not to smart smoking or to promote smoking cessation.


Combining handpainted, 3-D models with informative text, this display graphically demonstrates the serious benefits of not smoking. Each swivelling panel features a normal organ (skin, brain, heart, and lung) on one side, and the flip side features the same organ damaged by smoking. Descriptive text describes the difference between the healthy organ and the one damaged by smoking. Can be used as a tabletop display or mounted on a wall. 62 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm.