Drug and Alcohol Classroom Package

ITEM: 85483


Great for the classroom, this package features a variety of engaging products to help young people make responsible decisions about the use of drugs and alcohol. Includes our popular Wheel of Misfortune™ (Item #79117) , Smashed & Trashed™ Disposable Glasses (Item #78963), and Drug Awareness Guide Chart (Item #90671), as well as an Interactive Nights Out 2 DVD-ROM (Item #48002) to assist young people in healthy decision making.


Create a fun, hands-on learning experience that provides young people with the knowledge and skills they need to make responsible decisions about drug and alcohol use. Interactive products include teaching notes that assist presenters in guiding young people to develop healthy value judgements. Age 11–Adult.

Classroom Package Includes:

  • Wheel of MisfortuneGame
  • Smashed & Trashed Disposable Glasses (25)
  • Interactive Nights Out 2 DVD-ROM
  • Drug Awareness Guide Chart