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Drugged And Distorted Game (UK)

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Award Winner!

Use this great activity to show your group how drugs make it impossible to function and limit your ability to perform the most basic tasks. Includes goggles and motion-restriction hands that distort your perceptions, thinking, and coordination. Comes with an activity guide with four engaging, eye-opening activities. A great Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education resource for schools and health education professionals.


Award Winner!

WOW! How do people on drugs even function? Demonstrate to any group how drugs severely limit your ability to do basic tasks effectively. The goggles and motion-restriction hand work upon your senses so that your perceptions, thinking, and coordination are distorted. The game requires participants to wear the goggles and motion-restriction hand while they do ordinary activities, such as handling money, keyboarding, and doing a series of normal office tasks. 


  • Pair of Drugged and Distorted Goggles
  • 2 Motion-Restriction Hands (one medium and one large)
  • Activity Guide with four activities and discussion questions that reinforce the educational point of each activity

*Additional goggles may be purchased separately.