Fat Chunk Set (1 lb & 5 lb)

ITEM: 26017


Provide a window to what fat really looks like inside the body. Made of BIOLIKE 2™ to provide an accurate feel, these wiggly masses makes a big impression. Use them in comparison to our muscle models to demonstrate the differences between rigid, streamlined muscle tissue and bulky, jiggly fat. A great way to raise awareness about the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

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Made of BIOLIKE 2™, these models realistically represent the look and feel of 1 and 5 pounds of fat inside the body. A great way to remind people of the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. Comes with an informative, two-sided tent card that explains the connection between excess body weight and health. Also comes with carrying case. The 1-pound model measures 19 cm x 9 cm; 5-pound model measures 30 cm x 17 cm. Weight of models is approximate and may slightly vary.