Silent Destruction: How High Cholesterol Destroys Arteries Display

ITEM: 75069


This cricket bat-size, 62-cm x 9-cm display hits viewers right between the eyes with a blunt message: What you can’t see can kill you. Demonstrating how high cholesterol can damage artery walls, viewers see how a clean, normal artery can slowly turn into a plaque-encrusted mess, eventually leading to heart disease and heart attack. Comes with a two-sided tent card that explains how artery damage occurs and provides tips to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.


Get an inside look into how cholesterol can damage and narrow arteries, resulting in atherosclerosis and leading to heart disease and heart attack. This clever, four-part model depicts an artery with a healthy cholesterol level, with high cholesterol, with plaque formation and damage, and with continued narrowing of the artery as a result of atherosclerosis. An easy-to-read, two-sided tent card explains what cholesterol is, how atherosclerosis develops, and how it can negatively impact heart health. Also provides tips to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. 62 cm x 9 cm.