Heart Disease Risk Factors Display

ITEM: 79027


How low can you go? This interactive display makes calculating heart disease risk factors a fun, educational activity. As they tally up both controllable and noncontrollable risk factors, users slide a bright red arrow up the scale to calculate a general analysis of their risk. A great way to motivate your group to talk with a healthcare professional for a thorough understanding of individual risk for heart disease.


Award Winner!

Learning about the risk factors for heart disease is made easy with this fun, interactive display. Users slide the arrow up the scale to add up their risk for each factor listed on the display. Both controllable risk factors (such as smoking, exercise, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, body weight, and more) and noncontrollable risk factors (such as sex, age, and family history) are included. Comes with reproducible handout and assessment tool. 52 cm x 71 cm.