See For Yourself: Blood Pressure Checks Easel Display

ITEM: 79736


Patients and students learn the importance of blood pressure checks when they see these handpainted, 3-D models of arteries and this cross section of the brain. Demonstrates the way high blood pressure can silently lead to a potentially deadly stroke. A great way to demonstrate the value of managing blood pressure. Comes with protective fleece cover.


Highlighting the importance of controlling blood pressure, this display features models of a weakened artery, a burst artery, a partially blocked artery, and a completely blocked artery, as well as a model of a cross section of a stroke-damaged brain. Easy-to-understand text explains each model and how it impacts the risk of a stroke. Emphasises the importance of regular blood pressure checks and controlling blood pressure to prevent serious health problems, such as strokes. Comes with protective fleece cover. 23 cm x 30 cm.