Drowned Lung Model

ITEM: 78615


Bring the reality of COPD to life with this audible, interactive model. COPD sufferers experience a drowning sensation as their diseased lungs can’t exhale fully and an abundance of thick mucus clogs their airways. This lifelike model of a damaged lung swims in simulated phlegm, and picking up the jar triggers a voice module that plays a recording of a gasping, gurgling cough. An interactive teaching tool to deter smoking and inspire smoking cessation.


COPD causes irreversible damage to the lungs, and this model provides a window into the wheezing, chronic cough that COPD sufferers endure. The lifelike model of a damaged lung steeps in slimy, simulated phlegm. When the jar is picked up, a voice module emits a gurgling, gasping cough, revealing the drowning sensation COPD experience as they gasp for air. Jar is 18 cm tall.