Overweight and Obesity Folding Display

ITEM: 79319


With life-changing information, this folding display defines overweight and obesity and examines common causes, associated health risks, and treatment options. Comes with a tent card that explains how to determine body mass index (BMI) and a 100-sheet Body Mass Index tear pad (Item #52559), which is a great take-home resource to help determine BMI.


Highlighting the causes, health risks, and treatments for overweight and obesity, this folding display provides an easy-to-understand overview. Discusses how overweight and obesity are measured; multiple health risks associated with carrying too much body weight, including stroke, gout, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, certain forms of cancer, and more; and ways to treat overweight and obesity, such as dietary changes, physical activity, weight-loss surgery, behaviour modification, and more. Comes with a 100-sheet Body Mass Index tear pad (Item #52559) and a tent card, both of which help viewers determine and classify their BMI. 147 cm x 57 cm opened.