Shortness of Breath Cigarette (20)

ITEM: 79709


A couple of breaths through this airway-restricting tube is all it takes to convey the panic-inducing sensation of not being able to breathe—something emphysema suffers live with constantly. Each giveaway facsimile cigarette comes with an informative card explaining that it simulates the same shortness of breath experienced by smokers who have emphysema. Makes a great giveaway for anti-smoking programmes. Comes in set of 20.


When a user breathes through this hollow facsimile cigarette, air deprivation is immediate. Each cigarette comes with an information card explaining that it is designed to simulate the shortness of breath many smokers experience as a result of emphysema. A great giveaway to stop smoking before it starts or to inspire smoking cessation. Comes in set of 20.