Occluded Artery Model

ITEM: 79145


Like watching a silent assassin in slow motion, this model allows viewers to peer inside an oversized artery and witness a grim series of events unfold. First, blood cells struggle to flow through the artery, which is clogged with thick, butter-coloured plaque. As blood flow decreases, more blood cells pile up in the ever-narrowing gap. Finally, the cells stop moving altogether and—bam!—it’s a heart attack. There’s not a more sobering reminder of the importance of cholesterol control.


The potentially deadly effects of high cholesterol are demonstrated with this persuasive model. The tube represents an artery constricted by plaque, which forms on artery walls when there is excess cholesterol in the blood. When the model is turned over, the blood in the artery slows or stops completely. An excellent tool for explaining the importance of keeping cholesterol under control. 6 cm x 18 cm.